Eavan Boland (1944-2020) and Derek Mahon (1941-2020) are major Irish poets in a generation which includes Seamus Heaney and Michael Longley. Early on Boland’s poetry was described as expressing a “radical but undoctrinaire feminism” and the radicalism intensified and broadened throughout a long life in poetry. Mahon has described himself, somewhat ironically, as “a decadent who lived to tell the story” and “a rueful veteran of the gender wars”. Both have their visions which are rooted in Irish experience and traditions and realised in poetry which is at once personal and politically aware..

The course will focus on close readings of selected poems—eg. EB: “The Famine Road”, DM: “A Disused Shed in Co. Wexford”—which will be distributed in a small anthology at the start of the course. The course will be delivered through email exchange which will enable and encourage participation and debate.

DAY: Thursday        TIME: 10.30am for distribution of weekly discussion notes.
6 weeks from 28 January – March 15 with 2-week Mid-term break on 18 -25 February.

Online platform:
The course will be delivered by email exchange.

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£50 n/a 8 18

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