Britan and Empire: Endings, 1940-1997

Part Three of our survey of Britain and its empire 1500-2000 covers the “retreat” from Empire after 1945. This 5-week course looks at the impact of WWII on the Empire and domestic conditions.  We also consider the impact of war upon Asia, focusing upon Indian Independence in 1947 and its knock-on effects.  We then turn to decolonisation in the Middle East from the late 1940s and Africa from the mid-1950s. Finally, we look at the other decolonisations in Malaya, Cyprus, the West Indies and Hong Kong.  We will also examine some legacies of empire, not least whether the British Isles can be viewed as the last colonial zone empire.  Will Brexit trigger a final “retreat” from empire, and will this include decolonizing the “empire of the mind”?

Day: Tuesday                                         Time: 10 am – 12 noon
5 weeks, 20th April – 18th May 2021

Online Learning Environment: Zoom

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