‘A BETTER SENSE OF GOVERNMENT’ The Inventing of Great Britain 1689-1714

Kevin Harrison, Martin R Jervis, Andrew Jones, Creina Mansfield

“As for us BRITONS, thank Heaven, we have a better sense of Government deliver’d us from our Ancestors.”

Anthony  Ashley-Cooper, Sensus Communis (1709)

The end of the English Stuart dynasty was marked by monarchies of William and Mary, and that of Queen Anne. Starting with the 1689 Revolutionary Settlement and ending with imminence of Jacobite rebellion in 1714, we see an era of rapid political change that laid the foundation for future world empire.

Apr 12      The 1688 Glorious Revolution [AJ]

Apr  19      The Revolutionary Settlement (1689-1702) [ AJ]

Apr 26      The Acts of Union (1707)  [KH]

May    3      The English Enlightenment  [AJ]

May 10      A New Pride : Restoration Art in England [SM]

May 17       War of the Spanish Succession (1701-1714) [ MJ ]

May 24      Coffee House Culture: Foreign Trade & its impact on Politics [MJ]

May  31     Jonathan Swift:  A Tale of the Tub. Written for the Universal  Improvement of All Mankind. [CM]

Jun    7      Anthony Ashley-Cooper: ‘A Better Sense of government’ [MJ]

Jun 14      The Spectre at the Feast – the Jacobite threat [ MJ]

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