Keep the Light Burning – “Roman” Britain 390-500

Birgitta Hoffmann

What happened at the end of the Roman period? What changes do we see in the 5th century? For how long did ‘Roman Civilisation’ survive  – and what exactly is that? When and how did the new settlers arrive and should they really be called Anglo-Saxons? The archaeology of the 5th century AD is possible one of the most interesting periods in current archaeological research – not because of the large scale architecture or art, but because it documents a world in flux.

This 10 week online course will combine general lectures as well as regional case studies. The lectures will be recorded and be available for 2-3 weeks to the participants via streaming.


1 October: Why “Dark Ages” is such a useless term – an introduction to the 5th century.

8 October: The 5th century on Hadrian’s Wall and County Durham

15 October: When the Snowdonia was anything but not “Wales”

22 October: Towards the West – situation in “Wessex” and Cornwall

29 October: Adventus Saxonum: The literary sources

5  November: Kent and the Southeast

19 November: What happened in “the North”? -From Cheshire to Cumbria and from the Pennines to Leeds and York

26 November: Definitely not “Scotland”

3 December: Lincolnshire

10 December: Does the term Anglo-Saxon period help? Towards a better understanding of the 5th century.


Fridays:  2-4 pm  starting 1st October 2021

Series of 10 lectures, starting 1st October 2021, break on 12th November.

Virtual Learning Environment: Zoom

Single lecture:

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£8 * 1 50

Bookings for a block of 10 lectures:

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£80 * 1 50

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To book, complete the MANCENT booking form and send it with payment to the address below. If you would like to pay via BACS or Paypal please contact Birgitta Hoffmann for details.
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