An introduction to Roman Gardens

Birgitta Hoffmann

To the Romans gardens were an essential part of the house, from the small window box in the apartment to the huge estates of the elite in their summer retreats, gardens and greenery were seen as another room in your house and plants were an essential part of the furniture. Over 10 weeks we will explore some of the ideas and designs and how the Romans combined growing food, decorative planting and the wider landscape in their gardens.


30 September: Writing about gardens – Gardening for pleasure, gardening for gain

7 October: Gardens and allotments -the market gardens in Pompeii

14 October: Combining pretty and productive – Varro’s aviary garden

21 October: Show time – gardens as representation in Pompeii

28 October: Gardens in the provinces – the pars urbana

4 November: The Gardens of Isis and Cybele: Between Garden and Zoo

11 November: Break

18th November:  Collis Hortulorum: The Gardens on the Pincio

25th November: Capri and its 12 Villas – the landscape as Garden

2nd December: Villa Adriana

9th December: The Palaces of the Severans: Via Appia and the complex at Santa Croce di Gerusalemme


Thursdays:  7- 9 pm BST/GMT  starting 30 September 2021

10 weeks with a break on November 11th.

Virtual Learning Environment: Zoom

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£8 * 1 50

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