The city of Rome between Constantine and Justinian

Birgitta Hoffmann

After 1000 years as the capital of an increasingly powerful empire, after 330AD Rome quickly lost this rank to the newly found Constantinople.  Even the emperors of the West increasingly ruled from residences in Northern Italy or beyond, only leaving their female relatives to represent them in the old capital.

Despite this and decreasing numbers of residents, Rome remained a centre of the Empire partially due to the presence of the Senat and partially due to the emerging importance of the Roman Church.

In this dayschool, we will explore the impressive remains of this period from the early churches and palaces, but also the wide-ranging evidence for the workshop and houses of the average Romans over the period from the 4-6th century AD.

Dayschool: Saturday, 30th October 2021        Time: 10.30– 16.30

Cross Street Chapel
Cross Street
Manchester M2 1NL

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£40 12 30

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