Lost Cities of the Near East

Michael Tunnicliffe

We will travel to three destinations in the Middle East namely Jordan, Syria and Iran to explore their history, archaeology and architecture spanning 4000 years. Highlights will include the remote the glorious ancient cities of Petra and Jerash in Jordan, Palmyra and Damascus in Syria, Persepolis and Isfahan in Iran. You cannot visit these places in person at the moment but via Zoom you can explore from the comfort of your own home!

Recommended reading:

Any up to date book on the topic and civilisations covered

Day:  Thursdays         Time: 13.30-15.30

START DATE: 30 September to 09 December 2021,
a half-term break  at 28 October 2021


Price for the Series: 

Price Concessions Minimum No. Maximum No.
£70 8 24

Please contact:
Michael Tunnicliffe 5 St George’s Way, Northwich, CW9 8XG, 01606 42116 mtunni@sky.com

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