The Silk Roads – The Great Trade Routes I

Birgitta Hoffmann

The World is crisscrossed by large route systems along which good and ideas have travelled for hundreds of years. In this Series of lectures we will explore how these routes worked and how they changed over time and how the people alongside suffered and benefiteed from their proximity.


20th January: Why the Plural? Maritime and Terrestrial Silk Roads and Silk Routes.

The Maritime Silk Roads

27th January: Where does it all start? Starting trading along the Western Pacific Rim in the Bronze and Iron Age.

3 February: Coming from the other side: Trading along the coast of Arabia and the Persian Gulf

10 February: Linking the system together: Monsoon trading and the role of India, Sri Lanka and the straits of Malacca

17th February: Europeans seeking Spice. The end of the Maritime Silkroad?

24th February: Break

The Overland Silk Roads

3 March: The Silk route before Silk. Trading Gemstones, horses and  skills?

10 March: From China to Rome – Bringing the Silk West

17 March: Trading religions – the silk routes and the spread of Christianity, Islam and Buddhism

24th March: Is the way to Power Trade or faster armies? The rise of the Medieval empires along the Silkroad.

31st March: Benefitting from the trade routes – East and West.


Day: Thursdays        Time: 2-4 pm GMT

10 weeks starting 20th January 2022. Half term break 24th February.

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