Dessau: the garden principality

Birgitta Hoffmann

After the events of the 17th century, Germany was full of small near independent principalities with big titles and little economic power and even less money. The principality of Anhalt-Dessau was one such, with many of the members of their ruling family making a living by working in the armies of their larger neighbours.
But unlike many other states of similar size, the money that was generated from these jobs and from successful marriages was systematically invested over generations in transforming the principality into an agricultural and horticultural showpiece culminating in the creation of the gardens at Woerlitz and earning it the title “Gartenreich”, the garden principality.
In this dayschool we are going to follow the development and the ideas that created these gardens and how they survived to today.

Dayschool: Saturday,  23 April 2022            Time: 11.00–16.00 BST

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