Hardham Church

Religion in the Middle Ages

Michael Tunnicliffe

The period from 1000-1500 was an intensely religious age. It saw the launch of the Crusades, and the building of the great Gothic cathedrals. The various roles of Popes, bishops, priests, monks and friars were wide ranging. But faith was not static and new ideas, including new heresies arose in this period. For the majority life revolved around their local parish church and the ceremonies that marked the annual passing of the seasons and of human life itself in baptism, marriage and burial. This course examines the lives of both small and great and the dismantling of the medieval edifice in the early Tudor period.

Recommended reading:    

Nicholas Orem 2021 Going to Church in Medieval England Yale University Press

Eamon Duffy 2005 (2nd ed) The Stripping of the Altars Yale University Press

WEEKLY 12 sessions

Day:  Tuesdays         Time: 10.00-12.00 

START DATE: 11 January 2022 to 5 April 2022 with a half-term break 22 February 2022

Please note: this is a face-to-face course.

Requirements: Please, bring your own face mask

Quaker Meeting House
91 Station Road
Cheadle Hulme

 Covid permitting. Otherwise the course will be offered on Zoom

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