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Accounts of Roman Britain usually start with Caesar invading Kent in 55 and 54BCE. But by this time Caesar had been spending several years in Gaul engaging (usually militarily) with Gallic tribes living along the Atlantic and North Sea and to whom the sea was part of their way of life.
This course will look at Caesar and the Iron Age cultures he encountered and how it changed the way Rome saw the Ocean and how it did business with the people along its coast.

29 April: How much did Caesar and his friends really now about Gaul and Britain?
6 May
:  Life on the Atlantic before Caesar: the Gallic and Celtiberian perspective.
13 May:  The Veneti – Taking out one of Rome’s great middle man?
20 May: Aquitania – What exactly happened along the Garonne?
27 May: The Belgica – within sight of Britain or just obsessed with the Germans
3 June:  Britannia – what is wrong with Hampshire?
10 June:  After Caesar – what changed in the 30 years after Caesar left?

Fridays:  14.00-16.00 pm BST

Series of 7 lectures, starting 29 April 2022

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