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Louis L Martz traces the tradition of the poetry of meditation in English to the late 16th and early 17th century work of poets such as Donne, Herbert, Crashaw and Vaughan. It is mainly religious and devotional poetry often inspired by the practice and structures of spiritual exercise. There are exceptions; Marvell’s “The Garden”, for example. But it is not until the romantic era that this translates into more secular themes of self-examination, self-dramatisation, social and political reflection and analysis. It is the purpose of the course to consider this more secular development of meditative forms and themes through a detailed discussion of a selection of poetry which will include work by Wordsworth and Charlotte Mew, Marianne Moore and Wallace Stevens. Elizabeth Bishop and Paul Muldoon. Some of these poets you will be familiar with; some not. But they go to show the richness and resource of poetry as meditation. Louis Martz offers a tentative definition: “a meditative poem is a work that creates an interior drama of the mind”. (Copies of the poems for detailed study will be distributed before the start of the course.)

Day:  Thursdays                            Time: 10.30am – 12.30 am

6 lectures, 28th April – 12 May and 23 May- 9June (Mid-term break on 19 May)

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Cross Street Chapel
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