An introduction to Ancient Mosaics II – From the first century AD to the early third century AD

Birgitta Hoffmann

An exploration of Early Roman Mosaics from Britain to Syria.

After Augustus’ rise to power after Actium, the Roman Empire became a huge world with goods and ideas travelling mostly unhindered from and to all directions. The increasing wealth meant that mosaics became the desired form of interior design in all provinces, but achievable only for the wealthy few. This course will explore the different fashions in laying coloured floors from the black and white mosaics in Ostia to the colourful designs in the East in the third century and where in houses and public buildings you can expect to find them.

29 September Italy after Augustus

6 October Ostia

13 October When things start climbing – opus sectile and wall mosaics

20 October The world of the Imperial and Royal palaces

27 October Britain and the Belgica

3 November Gaul, Germania Superior and Raetia

10 November The Balkan provinces

17 November Spain and the Narbonensis

24 November BREAK

1 December North Africa

8 December The Eastern Provinces

Thursdays:  19.00-21.00 pm BST/GMT

10 weeks, starting 29th September 2022 to 8th December 2022 with one week break on November 24

Virtual Learning Environment: Zoom

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