The Iberians & Rome – from the 3rd century BC to the early 2nd century AD in Spain

Birgitta Hoffmann

Rome’s attempt to gain control of the Iberian peninsula took about 250 years from Scipio’s first invasion during the Second Punic War until the middle of the first century AD. For the Romans it was a region of potentially large riches, that was fiercely and very competently defended by the local population, despite being very different groups and never really forming large coalitions against the Romans (or earlier the Carthaginians) This lecture series will explore the different Iron Age communities that made the Iberian peninsula and how they responded to Rome’s arrival.

30 September: The Iberian Peninsula – Large, rich and not easy to navigate

7 October: Iberia, Hispania & Lusitania – the Roman view of the peninsula and the curse of the disparate sources

14 October: The trading partners from far away – Tartessos – The Phoenicians and the Greeks

21 October: The Iberian Culture – the riches of the Mediterranean coastal zone

28 October: Ampurias and the coming of Carthage

4 November: Lusitania – the Western coastal zone

11 November: Viriathus and Sertorius – An adventure story for the Late Roman Republic

18 November: The Celtiberi – the people of the North (and Centre)

25 November: BREAK

2 DecemberThe Cantabri and the gold lands of the Northwest

9 December:  Provincia Pacata – Rural Hispania after Augustus

Fridays:  14.00-16.00 pm BST/GMT

Series of 10 lectures, starting 30 September  2022 to 9th December 2022, with one week break.

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