Augustan statue Group from Veleia, now in the Palazzo Pilotta Copyright Palazzo Pilotta

Sometimes it is WHO you know – the men who made Augustus.

Birgitta Hoffmann

When Octavian became Augustus after the battle of Actium he had already won a Civil War, and politically outmanoeuvred several major opponents. In the decades from 27BC to 14AD he would completely transform Rome and its provinces into an empire that would survive for 400 years.

However, these achievements were not his own, but the efforts of a large team surrounding him. Agrippa, Maecenas, Marcellus, Livia and Octavia as well as a number of others, whose contributions we will explore during this dayschool.

  • Dayschool: Saturday, 17th September 2022
    Time: 11.00– 16.30 BST


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