Kilwa and Malindi – The Silkroad and the East Coast of Africa.

Birgitta Hoffmann

A history of the medieval trading settlements and their culture on the coast of Tanzania, Kenya and Madagaskar

The first century Description of the Indian Ocean is the first mention of the trading stations at the Zanzibar coast, but their heighday begins with the settlement of Arab merchants from the Persian gulf between the 8-10th century CE and lasts until the arrival of the Portuguese. During the time around the main harbours of Kilwa and Malindi as a series of towns developed which combined the culture of the Arab and Indian Monsoon traders with that of the Africa hinterland, creating its own language and traditions and several World Heritage sites well worth visiting.

The network of trading towns became the target for Indian as well as Chinese traders who brought their goods in exchange for spices, wild animals and tropical wood which were brought to the coast from the interior of Africa. This dayschool will look at the harbours and the culture that developed over 500 years on the East coast of Africa

Dayschool: Saturday, 17th December 2022       Time: 11.00– 16.30 BST


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