Ancient Mexico – The Olmec and the Maya

Michael Tunnicliffe

Long before Columbus sailed and the Spanish Conquistadores arrived there were flourishing indigenous civilisations in the Americas. In Central America, the oldest of these was the fascinating Olmec people who created huge heads carved out of stone and introduced many “firsts”, including writing, into the Americas. Later the Maya who were at their height from AD200-800 dominated. Now that their script is deciphered we can reconstruct the history of the many city-states from their rise to their mysterious decline.

Recommended reading:

  • Simon Martin & Nikolai Grube 2008 (rev. ed) Chronicle of the Maya Kings and Queens.  Thames & Hudson
  • Charles Phillips 2013 The Lost History of Aztec and Maya  Hermes House

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5 weeks,  21 September to 19th October 2023

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