Ancient Greece: The Age of Alexander

Michael Tunnicliffe

In 404BC, Athens had lost the Peloponnesian War and was occupied by Spartan troops. The future, therefore,  seemed to lie with Sparta. Instead, leadership passed into other hands. First, it was held by the Thebans and then by the Macedonians. Philip II created a powerful army that seized control of all of Greece and, after his death, his son Alexander the Great would march into Asia to confront the might of the Persian Empire. With Socrates condemned to death in 399BC, the intellectual torch would be passed to the likes of Plato and Aristotle. A new age had dawned.

Day:  Tuesdays         Time: 10.00-12.00 

START DATE: 10 weeks, from 26 September  to 5th December, 2023
with a half-term break on October 24th.

Please note: this is a face-to-face course.

Quaker Meeting House
91 Station Road
Cheadle Hulme

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