SILK ROAD STUDIES: Trade in the Indian Ocean

Birgitta Hoffmann

An introduction to the Maritime Silk Road in the Indian Ocean

The Maritime Silk Road covered a wider area than the Central Asiatic trade routes. In this course of 10 lectures we will be looking at aspects of the trade in and out of the Indian subcontinent, focusing particularly on the Central and Southern Indian harbours and the Bay of Bengal.

28th September The Geography of the Indian Ocean
5th October         Arikamedu and the Roman contact period
12th October      Sri Lanka and the southernmost Silk Road
19th October      Indian Monsoon trading with Sokotra, Yemen and Oman

26th October      Half-term

2nd November      Tracing trade through numbers: A history of                                                               mathematics without Euclid
9th November      The Islamic trade and the Karnataka Coast
16th November   Kerala and the trade with Egypt
23rd November   Pala, Bengal and the Tea Road
30th November    Dominating the Bay of Bengal: Chola and Srivijaya
7th December      Ghuri, Ghaznavids and the Sultanate of Delhi

Day: Thursdays        Time: 2-4 pm GMT/BST

10 weeks starting 28th September 2023, with Half-term on 26th of October

Virtual Learning Environment: Zoom

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