The Religious World of Roman Britain

Birgitta Hoffmann

The Religious World of Roman Britain

We all know what Roman gods are like, at least in the museum. Made of stone, usually dressed or undressed with very human faces and names.
But this is only half the story.
This course is going to explore what we know of the religious life of Roman Britain using the archaeological evidence as our guide and discussing how different influences shaped the various practices over time and what happened to it at the end of the Roman Province. Please note, we are not going to talk about Christianity or Judaism this term, as I am planning a series on the Archaeology of Christianity and Judaism before 400 for the Spring.

29th September     What do we really know about ‘Celtic religion’ and how relevant is   the evidence from Ireland and the Continent

6th October            Water sanctuaries – so much more than Aquae Sulis

13th October          Tribal Deities? How do you prove that archaeologically?

20th October          Structured deposition – When there are no words associated with ritual behaviour

27th October           Half-term

3rd November          The religions that Rome brought: Jupiter, IOM and the Victoria of. the Senate

10th November         The religions that Rome Brought: The Imperial cult.

17th November         The foreign religions: Bringing your god to Britain.

24th November         The foreign religions: Magna Mater and Iupiter Dolichenus

1st December           Religion out of the box: Mithras and others

8th December            Religion for everyday: Philosophy, Gnosis and Magic

Please note, all lectures will be recorded and distributed to the participants at the beginning of the next week. This should allow participants from different time zones, or those working to catch up with the lectures.

Day:    Fridays.    Time:    14.00-16.00 pm BST/GMT

Series of 10 lectures, starting on 29th September 2023, with Half-term on October 27th

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