Screening Britannia: Roman Britain in Film & Television – full course

Antony G Keen

Learn about how the Roman province of Britannia has been depicted in cinema and television drama over the past century, with Tony Keen.

This course looks at Roman Britain on screen. It will examine various ideas about the depiction of the province, and how those have manifested themselves in productions over the years. The course includes dramatic movies, comedies, whole television series and broadcast versions of Shakespeare plays. In each class we will look at a particular category of Roman Britain on screen, and an example of that depiction. Tony Keen in an expert in this area.

All sessions are recorded, and the recordings distributed subsequently to ticket holders.

18 September 2023

Introduction: Roman Britain on screen. Boadicea (1927)

25 September 2023

The invasions of Julius Caesar: Asterix in Britain (1986)

2 October 2023

The reign of Cunobelinus: BBC Television Shakespeare: Cymbeline (1982)

16 October 2023

The conquest of Claudius: Britannia (2018-2021)

23 October 2023

The revolt of Boudicca: The Viking Queen (1967)

30 October 2023

Break week

6 November 2023

The Ninth Legion and Hadrian’s Wall, Part 1: Doctor Who, ‘The Eaters of Light’ (2017)

13 November 2023

The Ninth Legion and Hadrian’s Wall, Part 2: The Eagle (2011)

20 November 2023

The ‘historical’ Arthur: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017)

27 November 2023

Britons abroad: Caesar and Cleopatra (1945)

4 December 2023

Outliers: Chelmsford 123 (1988-1990)

This course is presented in collaboration with the Manchester Continuing Education Network (MANCENT).

Day: Mondays       Time: 19.00– 21.00 BST/GMT

10 lectures, starting 4 September 2023 with a half-term break on Oct 9th


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