Merchant Adventurers – the rise of the Great English Trading Houses

Birgitta Hoffmann & Martin R. Jervis

Lloyd’s Coffeehouse – the precursor of the London Stock Exchange

The early modern period was marked by series of wars between leading Western European sea powers. England proved the strongest, and the great trading houses (and the Royal Navy) ensured establishment of a global empire by 1763. We will, therefore, examine the genesis, development and rise of the English trading houses between 1314 and 1763.

Lecture One:     VINTNER COMPANY AND THE MERCHANTS OF THE STAPLE 1314-1617:  The First English Trading Companies (BH)

Lecture Two:     ELIZABETHAN EXPANSION 1558-1603:  Trade Follows the Flag (MJ)
Lecture Three: Competing with the Dutch, benefitting from the Dutch, the strange role of Antwerp, Flushing and Amsterdam for the British Traders (BH)

Lecture Four:   TOWARD EMPIRE 1603-1763: Eliminating the Spanish, Dutch and French (MJ)


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