The archaeology of Burma before Myanmar


Birgitta Hoffmann

An Archaeological Survey of Myanmar/Burma from the Stone Age to the 17th century

Dayschool: Saturday, 20th July 2024      Time: 11.00– 16.00 GMT


An Archaeological Survey from the Stone Age to the 17th century

The Irawaddy river system links like the Mekong and the Red River along its course the lands of the Himalayan foothills with the very different world of its large delta, but unlike the other two, the Irawaddy flows into the Indian Ocean giving a different outlook to its trading partners, which are historically mostly around the Bay of Bengal rather than looking towards China.

This dayschool will explore how this situation between the Tea-Horse-Road in the North and the Trading system of the Maritime Silkroad influence the history of the area and the archaeological remains that survived to today.