Everywhere the Glint of Gold: Jewellery in Ancient Egypt and Rome

Birgitta Hoffmann and Joanne Backhouse

Jewellery in the ancient world was worn by both the living and the dead. It was highly decorative, but much of it was also protective , curative, honorific and regenerative, acting as amulets in this world and the next.
Focusing on ancient Egpyt and Rome this dayschool will examine the form and function of these works of art. The materials and techniques used to create these masterpieces will also be considered, in terms of symbolism, acquisition and manufacture.

Dayschool: Saturday, 1 June 2019          Time: 10.30-16.30

Cross Street Chapel
Cross Street
Manchester M2 1NL

Price Concessions Minimum No. Maximum No.
£40 16 30

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