2019 Summer

Ancient World:

Ancient World Summer Lectures

Dress to Impress – Roman Clothing and its message


Scotland’s Renaissance, 1485-1603


Everywhere the glint of Gold – Jewellery in Ancient Egypt and Rome. (also Archaeology)

In the Beginning…Creation myths from Ancient Egpyt and the Near East (also Theology)


Japan 1467-2019

End of All Wars? Versailles 1919 and After

Armada: Singeing the Beard of the King of Spain


Reading Latin: Gerald of Wales, Descriptio Cambriae

Reading Latin: Caesar, de Bello Gallico book 4: Britain


Carol Ann Duffy: Testing Times: A retrospective

Getting to know the General: Graham Greene & Panama

More Stories from the Southern States

Cardinal Manning: a crisis of Conscience

Bring up the Bodies: Thomas Cromwell, Chief Minister of Henry VIII.

Powerful Women: Constanze Markievicz and Gertrude Bell

Theology and Religious Studies:

Church and Society 1800-1900