Cardinal Manning: A crisis of conscience

Frank Vigon & Creina Mansfield

An examination of this controversional cleric inspired by Lytton Strachey’s biting biographies of Victorian Icons. The potential split of the Church of England was the biggest debate of the Victorian period other than the Corn Laws. Against the bakcground ofthe Gothic Revival in the Arts and Architecture, the adherents of the Oxford Movement moved ever closer to the church of Rome. The aesthetic appeal of the past spilled over into a religious pilgrimage back to the days of the “mother church”. we ask was this cewreerist accidental cleric driven by pride of ambition or moved by the “spirit” to go back to Rome? One of the two rival English Cardinals, Manning extends the politics of the Catholic church into a support for poor, the workers and their masters. Regarded by some as a Saint and by others as the Machiavellian eminence grise of the Roman Catholic church in England.

Dayschool:  Monday, 10th June 2019      Time: 2-4pm

Cross Street Chapel, Cross Street, Manchester, M2 1NL

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