Japan, 1467-2019

Kevin Harrison, Martin R Jervis, Andrew Jones, Alan Sennett

From feudal warrior state to colonial empire by 1900: from vanquished for to economic super power by the 1990s.
After the  recesssion of late 1990s, how did Japan become a leader of the global economy by 2019? Further, on 1 Deember 2017, Emperor Heisei announced he would abdicate the Chrysamthemum Throne, in favour of his eldest son, Crown Prince Naruhito. What will the future hold for Japan under this new monarch?

April 30:      Sengoku: Endless Civil War 1467-1615 (MJ)
May    7:      Tokugawa: Unification   1615-1868 (KH)
May  14:      Meiji: Modernization 1868-1895 (KH)
May  21:      Taisho: Imperialism 1895-1926 (MJ)
May  28:      Showa: Military adventurism 1926-1941 (AS)
June    4:      Showa: The Pacific War, 1941-1945 (MJ)
June  11:     Showa: Occupation & Rebirth  1945-1952 (AJ)
June 18:       Heisei: Future challenges  1952-2019 (MJ)

Day: Tuesdays      Time: 13.30-15.30
Eight weeks, starting 30 April -18 June 2019

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