2017 Summer

Our plans for 2017 are going to be finalised in the coming weeks.

The Latin courses will be reading Cicero, Catiline IV and Caesar Book 1


Archaeology of the Western and Northern Isles III: The Shetland Isles

Ancient History

Witches and Soothsayers in the Ancient World

Ancient History Summer Lectures

These include the following topics:

  • Mithras
  • The Roman Textile Industry
  • The Roman Grain Trade
  • Roman Trier
  • Roman non-elite women
  • Everyday life in Roman Britain.


More meetings of the Novel Discussion group,
a Creative Writing workshop
The literature courses will be studying “Orwellian Visions” and a course on “Ezra Pound

The History sections will cover a large section of history from the Late Middle Ages to the 20th Century:

Merchant Adventurers – the rise of the Great English Trading Houses

The Secret Agent (Joseph Conrad)

IN THEIR OWN TIME. Part Three: Thinkers and Ideas in Historical Context

HERE BE DRAGONS? –  The Age of Discovery and Its Consequences

Churchill and his times, 1874-1965

More details coming soon.